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How to install vmware tools on IPCop virtual machine

IPCop is a small linux distribution providing simple firewall / router / NAT solution. When running as a virtual machine, it is advisable to have VMware Tools installed (at least to allow graceful restart/shutdown of the OS and reporting guest

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Enabling NAT on VMware ESX with help of IPCop

VMware’s desktop products like Workstation include abilities to connect virtual machines (VMs) to outside network via NAT, but professional ESX hypervisor does not include any networking features (besides virtual L2 switches). So all such features must be done via a

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Tips & tricks for systemd

Here are few tips I discovered while writing few systemd units for my new Debian Jessie system. You can find my unit files in my GitHub repository. Perl and stdout in systemd unit I convered my simple perl script to

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