Scripts for displaying summary info of awstats cache files

Short desc as I wrote it to debian-isp mailing list...
AS> Hi Marek, are you willing to share those scripts?

  Of course, but you will need to alter them to suit your config. I
  have all awstats files in /var/cache/vhost/, so for example awstats
  cache files for every month of is in dir

  I run awstats few times a day and after it is run for every vhost, I
  run which makes list of all files in
  /var/cache/awstats and processes only those for current month. I
  fact it is heavily modified version of script I found on In file there is CREATE statement for mysql
  table. One row per vhost+month containing total traffic (I sum
  "Viewed traffic" with "Not viewed traffic", because for awstats also
  HTTP 206 is not viewed traffic).

  awstats-all.php displayes 3 tables - one with total traffic per
  vhost, second with this month's traffic per vhost and third is
  summary of total traffic of all vhosts per month.
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