Script for managing entire LAN with WoL functionality

Short desc as I wrote it in email to few people...
  No docs is available :( it's script I made for an internet caffe, so
  it's in Slovak... but function names and some comments are in
  english, so I hope it won't be big problem for you.

  How it works:
  It's one class which can wake-up computer by sending magic packet to
  defined IP address and port, but must know MAC addr also. It can
  ping IP address - using UDP, because you can define timeout (which
  is not possible using default ping program). It does it by sending
  request to UDP "time" port and waits for any answer/reject. No
  answer means PC is off.

  The script for inet caffe uses mysql db for storing IP/MAC pairs of
  known computers. Main page then presents you list of computers with
  their status - on/off (they must respond to that UDP ping). You can
  select which of them to wake-up.

  Another script is to add new PCs do db. You select range of IPs to
  ping and then it tries to read MAC addrs from "arp" command - so
  computers must be on. Or you can add them manually to db.

  If you have any questions, just ask :)
download here
contact me: email address in image