Program for easy communication with mobile phones over serial cable or infrared link
Current version is 0.6

Program will communicate with mobile phones over serial cable (or infrared link using virtual COM port) using AT commands. I have Ericsson R320s, so only this phone is tested. It will very probably work with all new Ericsson models. It should also work with most of other phones - except extended battery info in Status window. Write me whether your phone works or not and I will try to fix it. I could have tested also my friends' phones, but I don't have connectors/cables for them. Other testes models: Ericsson T20.

It is programmed in Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, because of easy manipulation with databases, where all numbers & sms are stored. It makes some problems with communication, but at this point it works OK, but do only one thing with phone at time (e.g. no SMS download while Status window is open). It should work, but I'm not sure if always.


Some notes/bugs/TODO:


INSTALL: Copy MS VFP runtime DLLs to Windows\System directory (or to program dir). Copy MS Comm32 component to program dir and finally copy program binary (mpm.exe) into that dir. Run it with "/NoPhone" parameter for the 1st time and set-up COM port parameters. They are saved into windows registry. After going to on-line mode, you should see phone name in the title of main window (e.g. (ERICSSON connected)). If it isn't there, phone failed to respond. First check-out if the cable is working in some terminal program (e.g. Hyper-terminal). Sometimes windows blocks the port, so it seems as cable failure. Reboot should help :)

Some screenshots

Status window
Status window when call is active

SMS browser
SMS browser where you can view/edit/delete messages

SMS sending
Writing new SMS message (last row of buttons are templates)

Buttons from left to right:
New database, open db, close db
send sms (not working yet), download sms from phone, open sms browser
name of currently open database
enter on-line mode, enter off-line mode, show status window

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